Customer Reviews

"It was fast and I love all products received !" 

- M. Bitaut

"Hi there, this was my first box and I love it so I’ll have a better opinion after I receive the second one😊 I’m assuming you change up everything for each box but maybe you could eventually offer an option, for example (not picking specific items as that ruins the surprise) but asking each customer if there’s something they need or would like to focus on for the next box (skincare vs. Eyes. Vs. Lips etc?) and then if it’s possible you could add that? I say that only as before this box I bought an Aveda lip balm and the box included a lip/body balm (which I like but I have balm for ages now so I probably would want another balm type product in the next box etc. 😂 Again, I’m assuming you already are cognizant of this but maybe you could eventually ask each customer if there’s something they might need (toner, serum, lip gloss etc. ) and if you happen to have it in stock (no promises) you could replace 1 or 2 items. Other than that I think it’s great!❤️"

- K. Austin

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