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Blog Post: Why We Started The Beauty Edit Box

In a market that is growing exponentially, despite already being saturated with more options than ever, shopping for makeup has become extremely overwhelming. Over the span of the last 18 years as a working makeup artist on hundreds, if not thousands, of women, there seems to be a common theme amongst most of them. Women are flooded with advertisements, swamped with too many choices, and confused by it all.  Where do I begin? What products do I start with? What if I don't wear a lot of makeup?  How do I know which one works best? What lipstick shade should I be wearing? Which mascara should I try? When approaching a makeup store or counter,  who can you trust? Maybe the saleslady is just pushing you to buy more from her. How would we know any different? Where to begin? Sound familiar? 

 Just before COVID-19 decided to make its grand entrance,  the concept of The Beauty Edit Box was born. Although it has been brewing for years prior to this, it never came to fruition until now. Now was as good of a time as ever to launch a service into the market that deems to be a very helpful tool to help women discover beauty brands and try on products at a fraction of the cost. All in the safety and comfort of their home. Using our years of expertise and industry know-how, we are applying our compilation of knowledge to bring you current products that work effectively and perform well, especially if you love discovering new makeup products and brands. Whether you are a beginner and just starting to look after your skin or a makeup junkie like us, this box works to cater to everyone, every colour, every ethnicity and age.