Our founder, Agnes Fallen, is a working makeup artist of well over nineteen years. She has spent half of her life learning the art of makeup from the ground up and working with some of the best skincare and makeup companies as an artist and consultant. Agnes' unparalleled working knowledge of beauty products over the years has equipped her to analyze and understand product performance, effectiveness  and quality with ease. 

In early 2020, she wanted to experience a beauty box that caters to Canadians, without the exorbitant conversion costs and extra fees in imports and taxes. An industry still quite new to Canada, Agnes decided to take on the challenge and create more options for fellow Canadian beauty buyers nationwide.  With the retail climate changing rapidly, the Beauty Edit Box is the perfect solution for sampling, testing, feeling, and discovering new reputable makeup and skincare brands at a great value. No duties, no import taxes. All in Canadian dollars.

Self care is important, no matter what that may look like to you.  Looking good on the outside makes us feel better and stronger on the inside.  So go ahead, empower yourself, get beautified.


The Beauty Edit Box Team

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People talking about our box...

I enjoyed everything in the kit!! All the colours in makeup were right in!! Getting anxious for the next one!! Happy I signed up with You!! Thanks again!!
Nancy K.

Nancy K.

" Received my box today totally loved it!! Such great products and shipping was so fast!  You and your beauty team are doing a amazing job!  Canada really needed this box!  Such great quality items that I cannot wait to try! "

Marissa H. 

"I absolutely loved this box. I have tried a few subscription boxes prior to this one but I found that this one hit the home run with the perfect balance of skin care & makeup. Most (if not all) of the products inside my box were clean and I was particularly thrilled about few special ones that I'd been wanting to try but didn't have the chance to until now. All in all rather pleased !"